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Healing Poppets

Enchanted Hand Crafted Poppets for Healing Mind, Body and Soul

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What is a Healing Poppet?

Healing Poppets are very old magick. Poppets have been part of shamanistic practises and pagan healing practices for centuries.


The idea behind them is that they become the representation for a person who requires the healing or the desired outcome that is wanted.


The process works on sympathetic magick -  that  there are correspondent energies that will in herbs and crystals that enhance healing and these are used in creating these poppets.

What Do You Do with Your Poppet?

Renata makes each poppet for a particular purpose either because they have been ordered specifically such as to help with self esteem, trauma, recovery after cancer, protection etc or she creates them as they are guided to be made.


Renata says that her poppets ask to be created and seem to find the right person to belong to.


They  are created from felt and cotton thread.


They have charms and bells sewn on that have specific meanings.


Inside each poppet is a mixture of herbs and resins and crystals that are blended to enhance the power of the desired outcome. 

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How to Purchase Your Poppet

To see what is currently available please head to the Witch and Fabulous Facebook page or fill out the enquiry form on the contact page - I will be able them to email you and get your specifications.


Each Poppet is $55 plus postage.


Poppets can be posted anywhere worldwide and some of my poppets have already gone to America and England.

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