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Services and Prices

Tarot Card



Face to Face bookings are available at Witch and WIllow at Warner's Bay 

Bookings at 

Every Wednesday and Thursday

Email readings 

3 Questions $60

2 Questions $40

1 Question $20

Phone readings

1 hour $95

30 minutes $60

Readings are a speciality of the work Renata does but she does not think of herself as a fortune teller nor a medium.

It is advised that you come in for a face to face reading or book in a phone or email reading because you wish assistance with a problem or are seeking to define your path or clarify a work situation or a relationship issue.

Tarot digs deeply into  your subconscious and helps you recognise patterns, attitudes and behaviours that may not be useful.

The session is about providing clarity and giving you options and choices - it is not about solving your problems for you.

With Tarot you discover your true self - not excuses.

Hands on Healing/ Energy



One 60 minute Session  $90 

One 30 minute

session $60

In this session you will firstly discuss your needs for healing whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual and  some cards will be drawn for extra insight. Renata will begin the process of hands on healing, which is gentle and relaxing for you as you listen to some calming music and lay back and relax while the magick happens.

One hour sessions are recommended to begin with and you can come in for a half hour top up or a quick pick - me - up session to keep you on track.

Spiritual Coaching/


One 60 minute Session - $90

Available face to face or Phone

In the session you will be able to create a space where you are open to learning about the importance of adding the dimension of spiritual nurturing and the effectiveness of it in the total wellbeing of your inner self.

Renata will guide you but also demand that you commit to the work required.

It is not about enabling the continuation of negative processes but removing them forever.

Bespoke Spellcrafting


One 60 minute Session - $90

In this session we will discuss your needs and together we will craft a spell/charm that will enhance the desired outcome. You will be part of the creating of this enchantment and understand exactly what /why and how ingredients are put together and how to take care of your spell so that it does not harm anyone.

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