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Rich Witch Club

The Rich Witch Club is for all of you who have been waiting for someone to tell you that it's not wrong to want to be abundant and spiritual at the same time.

This is the salve to the sore that has kept so many spiritual people from ever asking for their worth when sharing their skills, time, knowledge and dedication with others.

No one ever said that, to serve others in a spiritual way, you must also promise to stay poor in mind, body, spirit and bank account.

To continue to serve and to be of a useful purpose we need funds to make our way in the world.

It's the way the world works!

Those highbrow people who tell you that you must "give it away", "you cannot ask for money in exchange for your 'gift'' are sifting out their competition by making you feel guilty and often take the moral high ground to appear so much better than others.

Believe me, I have had a lifetime of feeling guilty by such statements coming from people who then proceeded to rip me off !

Let's agree that when we ask for our share we are not taking from anyone else.

There is enough for everyone.

So stand up right now and be an abundance magnet and attract your prosperous future.


The Rich Witch Club

This is my Patreon Page which you can access by becoming a member and paying the ridiculous fee of $5 (AUS) per month for daily prompts, information, challenges, discussions, podcasts that will keep you motivated and on track to remember your purpose.

Witches attempt to influence their surrounding world by employing magick to bring about change. We are going to practise this on a daily basis - getting real with our magick and committing to the next step.

We will be making a concerted effort to work with the Law of Attraction and Action, mindset and manifesting.

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Join my Patreon Group

Joining is simple - follow the link to my Patreon sign up page and make your payment. I will receive a message to say you have asked to join and I will contact you with the private Facebook page information.

This is a page for committed witches (and all of those who wish to feel that the World IS a magickal place where anything is possible).

Your link is here:

A reminder that you will be charged monthly until you decide to cancel.

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The Rich Witch Club is interactive

I'm talking with you not to you. I want you to be involved and active in this group. I want you to shine with your achievements and to share your hopes and dreams with the other manifestors, because saying it out aloud makes it real. Bring your positive thoughts into reality - that's what witches do.

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