• Renata Daniel

The two big 'C's - Commitment and Consistency.

Welcome to Witch and Fabulous where together we plant the seeds of magical thinking and continue to water them daily with our intentions.

And if you're like me, you too may need those daily reminders as to just how potent your magic can be, if you commit to those two C words and you practice them daily.

Commitment and consistency, both of which I am terrible at, have always been something I am not very good at.

I am really good at diverting my attention very quickly to other things when I HAVE to do something that needs doing.

For some reason committing to finishing something means that I run the risk of being criticised for my result.

I think this goes back to my school days and feeling like a failure when handing in homework.

Like you, my brain was good at some things but not others, and this would make me freeze and suffer performance anxiety my whole life.

There are many reasons that trigger your own inabilities to deal with commitment and consistency and we will look more into these in the next few blog posts.

For now it's important to understand that most of us suffer from the fear of 'turning up'.

It is something that you will have to work to push through whether you are beginning a business or career or whether you have faced a lifetime of forgotten and started projects that you have never finished or been to scared to.

I totally understand that things happen, and great ideas often don't come to fruition, and dreams and hopes can disintegrate in a flash, but, there is always a point in time when you take on a challenge and you have to ask yourself, do you see this through to the end or not.

Commitment requires you to be truthful to yourself and to honestly look at what you are willing to give up to make things happen.

The crazy good thing about practicing magick is that you can work on many different levels and overcome obstacles that others cannot because you are working on many levels at once.

Learning to commit to a task or challenge, to your business idea, to a relationship or career is about facing the fear of possible failure.

It says a lot about what we are willing to give and risk.

There is no growth without risk.

But, Ill talk more about that later.

For now, think about your relationship to commitment.

Has it been easy?

Is it easy for you to commit?

What is an easy commitment and what is a difficult one for you?

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