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The magick that is 02/02/2022

Have you been feeling the vibe over the last few days rising?

The expectations of great change are floating around in our collective consciousness.

The significance of the date containing all of these twos is focusing us on or partnerships, balance, personal well being and empowerment but more than anything awakening us to get our shit together and make some decisions.

Magick has a way of being illusionary and outside of us if we are not embeded with out whole being into the shifting of our circumstances with conscious involvement by action.

The 'Well and Good' website tells us:

"This Twos-day, as some are aptly nicknaming it, could surface our deep-rooted desire for balance and harmony with others. “Sensitivity and empathy may be more prominent on this day, suggesting that you could become extra aware of a need for a shift in your relationship habits,”.

If you’re in a partnership, that positive change could be as simple as letting go of a grudge, apologizing for a misstep, or even planning a date night to reignite a sexy spark. And if you've recently come to any new understandings about relationships in your life, it's very possible that they'll crystallize around this day and help inform a more authentic, intimate route forward.

We are always seeking out love and acceptance and this date is asking you to take a good hard look at who you are asking for that love and attention - is it the right person?

Are you just wasting time on something that really will not happen?

First and foremost have you thought about caring and honoring yourself?

Continually giving to other without a return emotional connection does not feed you.

You must receive nourishment from your relationships.

Awkwardly pretending that pain does not exist creates a deeper hole that needs fixing. It can only be ignored for so long and then the scar that is created can become permanent and hard to heal.

When the day arrives create a sacred space and every day place something there that sends you deep inside to do the work. That may be a question written out on a piece of paper that you need to ponder. It could be an oracle card that has been picked randomly and you are sent off on your daily missions awaiting a sign, or a photo of someone you are so grateful for.

A coin to represent wealth.

An affirmation for the day.

This space draws you into your inner self, your higher self - like a check in spot daily where you can ask yourself "AM I OK?"

Spells are proactive from my perspective.

We need to feed the fire that was set when the intention was bought to life.

I wish you all well this 02/02/2022.

May you be charged with a life force you have never felt before and may it bring great awakening to you own potential.

You are worthy.


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