• Renata Daniel

The Frustration of New Witchcraft

Ok...I did a thing last night.

I went on Tik Tok and looked up 'witchtok'.

Especially baby witchtok.

Totally glamorous.

Someone wishing to feel more empowered and in charge of their life would absolutely want what this woman has.

These images are EVERYWHERE.

This is the new view of what witches look like and they have all of the crystals, herbs, cauldrons and books that money can buy.

And...they know all the information required to wear the mantle of the new age witch.

As tribal creatures we yearn to belong.

Belonging to a group of witches that are all over social media would truly assist young people to feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

In our world of freedom of expression I can tell you that I'd be right there too.

Witchcraft offers excitement, learning and opportunity to feel special.

I wonder how many young ones feel that they can and could never meet the high standards that these pictures expound.

"Witches are the new social media influencers"

Holy shit!

The only way this has happened is by sanitising the label.

White witches who bless and heal.

Witches who just carry crystals and burn sage.

Witches who are love and light and may dabble in "grey" crafting but if it depends on followers, they will stick to what brings them clicks and followers.

Much of it is social media driven.

And it is getting crazy out there.

Yes...she is stunning.

If I was her age, I would have looked at this photo and cried because I could not match this, not in a million life times.

What does it say about witch craft?

Is it becoming elitist?

Is it just for the ones that can afford to look like those on social media?

Does it effect witchcraft in general?

I know I'm now a Crone and look at things VERY differently.

I know.

Don't bag me out for wanting to do things the old fashioned way.

I have heard from many that witchcraft will find a way to survive.

It will change and grow and continue and, like most things, it cannot continue in the old ways of being.

The world has changed and so has witchcraft.

I wonder though - has it spun a little out of control?

One thing is for sure - witchcraft has come a long way from the burning times.

Young women have to be careful though - long ago it was a threat to men and those in power.

Women were never to rise and own their minds and intellect.

Now the threat might be coming from within.

You can sometimes have too much of a good thing and then it just gets boring.

The social media witch craze is still very new.

Let's see if it has longevity.

What sort of witches are being born out of it? it the domain or the social classes that can afford this lifestyle and are social media savvy?

In other words, white and privileged?

Are they kidding themselves that they are all inclusive?

And is witchcraft becoming too diluted?

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