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  • Renata Daniel

Rich Witch Club

What got me here?

I've been asking myself this question. Why would I be loading myself up with so much extra work with very little financial benefit?

Well, I like helping people.

I like to share things that I have learnt.

I've been studying a lot over the last year so I am ready to share.

I've embarked on opening a private group to my Facebook page specifically to follow the steps to a more successful future using the Law of Attraction and manifestation and mindset training.

I've called it the Rich Witch Club.

This idea has been floating around in my head since the last Covid Lockdown. What a huge disruption and chaotic energy that has been!

So many people have lost jobs or have been without pay for weeks (including myself).

We all thought that it couldn't happen to us.

We all thought that life would just move on and not deliver such huge blow to our sense of stability.

Historically these world wide pandemics have been around for centuries. It was about 100 years ago since the last big one, the Spanish Flu which infected one in three people.

Our belief that it couldn't happen again was totally blown out of the water.

It left me shell shocked.

I had a lot of time on my hands and to begin with I floated.

I spent time wishing that it wasn't happening and listening to many people online who were in deep shit.

I knew that when we came back from this, we were going to have to do things differently.

I went about taking in new information, signing up for workshops and online courses. More and more I was drawn back to the Law of Attraction and Mindset work.

This last lockdown really left me quite depressed.

So many amazing things had been dangled in my face just before Covid started to affect me personally back in 2020. I had managed to keep my shit together for a while, but these last time I had no energy to do it.

The black dog was lurking.

I was overjoyed that some of my favourite online mentors offered free online mini introductory classes to their manifesting speicalities.

I took full advantage of those FREE classes and learnt so much.

I continued to pour positivity back into my life.

It made a huge change - I could breathe again and see possibilities.

I want to pay it forward.

The Rich Witch Club was born to offer the same affordable positive talk and information to those that really need it right now.

Listening to great authors and role models who were open to spread good vibes during these hard times was so inspiring.

I know it absolutely helped me shake off the blues.

I returned to my blogs, my tarot my spell crafting.

I started exercising and turned around my own self talk and how I spoke to others.

I'm hoping that I can inspire a few of those of you who decide to join the club and help you get to be curious about the possibilities that are still out there for all of us.

Let's inspire and show up for each other.

It's always better doing things in a group, a club, a tribe of like minded people.

There's a vibe.

The energy can get infectious.

It's always better when we step into a place where someone is just giving us enough of a push that we try something new.

If you are interested head to the Patreon page to find out more about the Rich Witch Club here:

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