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  • Renata Daniel

Manifesting Monday's - Let the Magick Begin.

Good Morning or Evening Visionaries! It's another week of possibilities ahead so let's activate it for our best intentions to be set on fire! It's Manifesting Monday and today we all double down on all of those 'impossible dreams and desires' that are rattling around in our heads.

It's amazing what mindset can do when it comes to motivating us to play with our ideas and stretch what we thought were our limitations. Give yourself a challenge for this week. You need to see some results - set a goal, it can be super small or semi small but something that is achievable to do as it is important to SEE RESULTS. If you wish you can post your goal in the comments in this post to keep it real and be accountable.

It may be to clean a room you've been meaning to for months, or sell something you no longer need or anything that makes you find the motivation, energy or time to do it. The uncomfortable push off the couch and out of your routine type of thing.

I HAVE to start walking again - so my goal is to walk at least 2kms a day this week and I will be posting my results to this page - boring!!! But for my mental health it's important I move. I was in a pretty dark place this weekend with my hubby in a lot of pain and listening to him groan and needing to pick up after his every move just led me to a spot where I was overtired, stressed and angry that this was where I was (selfish right! What about him?!!!) But that's where we go - that's the reality of where our mind takes us - it ties us up in knots and we don't see the point of anything.

Visualising is NOT ENOUGH. Come on - do SOMETHING. You are here to be pushed to make the next step - every Monday you are going to be SHOVED. ( with love of course).

Find time to do a short meditation - don't worry about clearing your mind. If you find it hard to concentrate tell yourself that this is an important task.

Do it anyway - just five minutes.

Engage your senses - mind, body and soul and be totally alive and in the moment.

Changing how you feel takes courage and determination.

This is where your witchiness can truly work it's magick.

If you cannot change you, you cannot change your outer world.

Take charge of yourself FIRST.

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