• Renata Daniel

It's a Four of Cups kind of Day

I woke up in a very crappy mood today.

The wind is up outside and that usually means lots of emotions swirling around and chaotic mood swings for me.

A good technique to release this is to actually stand in the wind and ask the elements of Air to remove your stress and negative emotions and take them far away where they cannot hurt or harm anyone.

It's something that I have done many times and it can work really well.

A purifying and a cleansing.

But today I have been super busy and I have sat in my own funky energy and it has gotten the better of me.

So I chose a tarot card for clarity - and it was the Four of Cups.

When the Four of Cups appears, it’s time to decide what is important to you, and give yourself permission to say “no” to things that no longer align with your present nd future.

Saying no gives you the space to accept new opportunities when they appear — and also gives you the best chance for success!

Use this time for inward reflection, grounding, and contemplation before diving in to the next big thing. Your intuition will show you what comes next.

I feel like I am sulking about what is being offered to me right now, and saying , "NO it's not good enough!!!!"

The cups in front of me represent what I want, what I had and the cup being offered doesn't even make the grade.

I'm sick of being in survival mode. I am tired and worn out from not being able to make decisions that give me freedom due to financial issues that have been caused through bad decisions in the past, Covid restrictions and being fucked over by people I trusted.

My life experiences now leave me in a precarious space where my heart hurts at not being where I thought I could be by now.

Covid took my savings and my ability to work, and as much as I have pivoted and taken on more tasks to try and make ends meet, none of those things are providing financial stability.

Everyone wants you to do things for free and I cannot do that anymore.

I cannot help others, I cannot even help my family.

It's a Four of Cups day.

To be honest this is why people don't like tarot - they think its 'just reading the cards'

But tarot reveals the truth - your truth.

Your hurdles, you inability to cope with addictive processes they are all revealed in the TAROT - it tries to give you a kick up the backside and makes you aware of what needs to be fixed.

And Four of Cups is shit - it reminds me that I have things to fix and that I cannot afford to turn away and ignore those issues.

It reminds me of all of the things I believed I should have achieved by now and HAVE NOT.

It brings up all of my self sabotaging and sits me right in the middle of it and asks....well?

What now?

So I need to sit with the Four of Cups and make decisions and changes and remind myself that I agree to release myself from commitments that no longer serve me.

The Four of Cups tells me to LOOK AT IT.

I get it!

I don't need to like it, but I get it.

I might just go and stand in the wind now.

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