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How to feel Fabulous during a lockdown!

I've got some Sunday feel good information for you dear fabulous people, just to encourage you to still be awesome even though lockdown and Covid may be getting under your witchy skin.

These are free and it you are waiting for a special moment to do any of these things- that time is NOW.

  1. Grab all of those lovely feel good and awesome skin care items you've been saving for a special occasion and have a long bath or a shower and use those scrubs, body lotions and potions you've been hanging onto.

  2. Have you got some special tea sets, dinner sets that you have used only for 'special occasions'? Get rid of the old day to day plates and cups and hand them on or throw them out and use the special stuff every freaking day from now on. You deserve it.

  3. Declutter your panties and bra drawer. You know, THAT ONE. Chuck out the panties where the elastic is so old it breaks and start to wear your good bras every day. Lord knows when we will get a chance to go back into the shops to restock!

  4. Give yourself a facial - if you cant buy something from the supermarket - try a home made mixture from one of your stacks of witchy herbal books or magazines. One thing you probably don't lack now is stacks of time.

  5. Try a new recipe and don't just eat the same old boring food choices. I know that for many money is really tight but there are even recipes for great food on tik tok nowadays and it doesn't not have to be expensive. Just experiment.

  6. Declutter one of your rooms - it's amazing how much better you will feel.

  7. Finally find a place for all of those witchy recipes and notes you have collected and make some files and folders so you can easily find where they are.

  8. Make a dream board/vision board and allow your mind to wonder and dream because what your mind can create may just come into reality - it will definitely allow you to feel better as you allow yourself the time to daydream and do some crafting around a particular subject. If find that just being creative with some totally awesome witchy music in the background really lifts me out of feeling down.

  9. Look for a free on line course you can do. Sing up and do it. We can all do better with further education. It can be something simple or fancy and it doesn't have to cost anything if you cant afford to pay for one. Either way you are supporting someone else who has given time and effort into supplying information. You are doing enormous good by supporting the efforts of someone else.

  10. Maybe you have a course or masterclass or ebook in you? Start it now.

  11. Plant some herbs.

  12. Read a book

  13. Respond and support Facebook pages that you go to - every time you respond you tell the person that runs that page that you care enough to take a moment to post a comment. As someone who runs a few pages it is awfully exciting to hear from followers.

  14. Go for a walk - get those muscles moving.

  15. Whenever you go to the supermarket ( and I say that as for many of us that is the only shopping we can do at the moment) but something just for you! I can be a chocolate bar, a better quality shampoo, a magazine that you normally don't or anything that catches your eye - just because.

Those are just 15 tips of what you can do to make today or tomorrow or any day next week just a little more fabulous. It might not sound like much but what it is actually doing is confirming that you are important enough to take time out and think about yourself.

There is no need to consider these lockdown days as being fruitless and useless.

Every day is precious - time is better spent doing things that you have control over than by losing yourself in thoughts about what you cannot control.

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