• Renata Daniel

Having the Courage to Show Up

There are things far more scary than needing to show up and be seen - yet, sometimes that can be the scariest thing you will ever do.

Being out in the public, on social media, speaking from a place where you are perceived as someone who knows and wants to share information, can be a place of pressure and totally terrifying.

You can even be too afraid to show up for yourself.

The fact is that you are always stronger than you think you are.

Most of the stories you tell yourself about yourself are not true.

Often it just takes someone to believe in you enough to say - hey, you got this!

That can change everything.

Making a commitment to show up for yourself, every day, is the place to start.

Commitment, consistency and courage.

Doing it once or twice is not enough - it becomes easier the more you do it.

It may not become so easy that you don't feel the adrenaline rush of panic or fear but it won't be as bad.

If you want to be successful and reach your goals you will have to show up every day to those tasks and work at it relentlessly.

The courage part comes in when you feel that fear, but you do it anyway.

There will be days when showing up is a battle and you don't want to.

This is when a 'responsibility buddy' is awesome.

Someone that will kick your butt and tell you to get a move on or will be the person who offers you the sacred space to listen to your fear and be silent while you work it our for yourself.

If faltering is something that happens to you - find yourself a responsibility buddy or a coach or mentor that you can report back to.

All good intentions can be sabotaged by your own personal doubts and fears.

It takes time to get control and work through the reasoning behind your responses.

Remember that you are here because of the ancestors that have come before you.

Ask your ancestors for strength and courage.

Their essence flows through your veins - every single person that has come before you has contributed to you being here right now.

You are never alone.

You are always surrounded by your loved ones.

Find the way forward.

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