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Deep dive into the Hermetic Principles - wait....maybe not too deep a dive OK?!!!!

I don't want to scare you off.

I do want you to give yourself just a few minutes over the next few blog posts to open up your curiosity over the 7 principles I mention.

Come back to read about all 7 over the next posts.

They will be really worth thinking about, and I promise not to bore you with long winded posts.

We are going to head into a deep dive into these principles as part of our magickal thinking.

There is a lot of talk about these and along your way of magickal work you will encounter them.

They are at their heart great principles to consider - even if their origins may be a little mixed and unclear when we refer to them in a text called the Kybalion.

It is worth looking at each one and looking at whether these will help and assist you.

So let's do it.

The Principle of Mentalism

This is the first principle.

It states that “all is mind”—that everything exists in the mind of the God/dess, or the divine consciousness.

In her book Power of the Witch, Laurie Cabot writes of the first principle that “all creation is com- posed by the Divine Mind.”

In other words, the Goddess or God, literally thought us into being.

Sounds like the Bible and the seven days of creation right?

To comprehend this principle, you need to realize that we are filled with unlimited potential. All that we create starts with thought and an idea.

Everything that is apparent to our physical, material senses is spirit, and everything on the physical and the mental plane is in a process of evolution—which means that we, as Witches, are constantly evolving too. We too must adapt and change and go with the flow of change - all that stagnates doesn't end well.

So open up your mind and let the knowledge in.

The physical, or mundane, world works by the laws of nature.

However, the true nature of power and matter takes a back seat to the mastery of the mind.

If your mind is leading the way, then you too can create anything with the power of your mind.

This is not easy and don't let anyone tell you it is.

The principle is - but we all have trouble being focused on doing it consistently where it can start to show results.

Like everything that is a skill it takes time to develop.

Take time to understand and develop this principle as it will work on all planes of our existence.

Let me know if you have worked with the Hermetic Principles.

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