• Renata Daniel

Covid Lockdown made me do it!

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

I found myself staring at the wall in my bedroom a few days ago, going, what the fuck do I do now?

Like many other people, I too have come to a standstill as Covid takes away my ability to bring in my normal income due to continued lockdowns and restrictions that we all expect will happen as we progress into the new world order.

This left me with time on my hands, and it now really was time to make room for new ideas and new ways of being which meant that my old versions of myself on Facebook would finally have to disappear.

I was just about invisible anyway - Secret Witch Business and Magickal Solutions must DIE.

One was a really witchy page and the other was the base for my tarot readings and workshops.

They were not doing much.

Not thriving.

And so they were both making me sad as I was putting effort into both of them but really only entertaining myself.

So, Witch and Fantastic was born.

I am hoping that this a place for people to take a moment and support me.

I have a very sick husband with heart failure, pitting oedema, failing ability to do things for himself as he piled on 50kgs of weight.

If I stop to think about things I am likely to crack open.

My day is made up of trying to assist him with is pain levels and sometimes just stepping outside of that space is really important to me.

Plus making some money is really really important so that I can cover the costs of treatments, bandages, medications and more.

Witch and fantastic is medicinal.

I hope you get your daily dose right here.

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