• Renata Daniel


This is another important little word that can change your world if you apply yourself to it.

It makes you a 'practitioner' in everything you set your mind and heart to - whether that be in your spiritual work, your career, your hobby or even your day life.

Showing up and being responsible for your promises tells people you are a person of your words.

Consistency can be scary too because you can easily get bogged down with the though of future expectations of others.

It can be scary because you create a picture of disaster before you even get into things!

What if you can't keep going?

What if it becomes all too hard?

What if it is too disruptive to my life and maybe I don't even want to do it any more?

Have you been through all of those thoughts?

Of course you have - it's natural and human to do so.

Consistency builds confidence - people want to know that you will stick around.

Consistency builds character - people will trust you because your message stays the same.

Consistency gives you purpose and a strong life path.

Consistency is a tool to ward away anxiety and a sense of free floating with no focus.

The more you fight it the less your focus stays on what you wish to achieve.

With anything you attempt there will always be aspects you will need to learn and you WILL make mistakes.

You will change and pivot and grown and have to get out of your comfort zone.

Guess what!

The more human you are the more people will like you - because people see through bull shit

(or at least those are the people you want to be speaking to) and they like to like people who are like them.

Being relatable and imperfect is far more charming than you might think.

If you are waiting for your perfect moment when you will look right, be the right weight, wear the right clothes and have the perfect social media pages you will always be just making it harder and harder for yourself to be consistent.

That stuff is SO HARD TO KEEP UP!

Consistency in spiritual practises allows the learnings to sink in deeply into your subconscious mind with continued repetition. That's why rituals, mantras and affirmations are great to repeat - eventually they do sink in.

Doing something once and thinking it will be the magic bullet will just lead to disappointment.

In your career you need to be present and keep learning and keep delivering.

In all areas, including relationships, your biggest question is WHY?

What drives you/

That has to be the biggest desire - what do you see in your future by creating the dream and making it come true.

What is the end result you want to achieve?

Also the consistency of daily affirmations of believing in yourself will need to be worked on.

Don't you think?

If you don't believe that you have the capacity within yourself to make things happen - they won't.

This is where witchcraft and rituals of self reflection, inner work and reminding yourself that you have a divine connection to all things is the grounding work we ALL need to make the real magick happen.

It's time to create life changes.

Till tomorrow.

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