• Renata Daniel

Commitment Revisited.

Now come on!

I am challenging you to become committed.

Growing successfully in the real world actually is a great parallel to becoming stronger in your witch crafting practice.

And visa versa.

Is this just another momentary fancy?

Is it because it looks cool right now and you have been watching Sabrina on Netfix or American Horror Story - Coven.

Is it because there is a rebelliousness that seems to attract you?

Is it a deep calling that you cannot shake?

Is it who you feel you really are?

These questions can only truly be answered over time.

As you continue your own personal commitment to yourself and the path your are now taking with your own spiritual growth you should witness a change within yourself that extends beyond you to your daily life.

It should be noticed by others as you seem to exude a subtle 'knowing', a growth in confidence and a sense of having a direction in your life as you show up and commit to life.

Witchcraft is not about feeling superior or acting as an overlord.

Nor is it about undermining other's beliefs - that is their journey and their choice and we are not about conversions. That is not what witches do.

Mind your own business.

Mind your own ego and internal growth.

Push that energy out in a way that it can effect others in a beneficial way.

Show them the path through your actions and how you lead your life from this moment on.

Stay committed throughout adversity as well as the good times.

Stay committed while others think you strange, weird, are going through a phase and while you find that they decide that you no longer fit into their circle of friends.

Stay committed even if the path requires you to walk it as a lone agent.

Stay committed into your elder years when face even bigger lessons to learn than ever before.

Yes, I am talking myself into it too.

I need daily motivation to continue to step into my own power and own my space in this crazy mixed up world.

I need to be strong enough to remind myself that a lot of what people throw at me is their stuff and not mine and I will not continue to own it.

We will continue to go through 'little deaths' every day as we shake of the mantle of guilt laid upon us by others.

We do not have to remain oppressed.

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