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  • Renata Daniel

Christmas is the time when dogs are getting dumped

Poop it breaks my heart to go here.

I was just at the vets with one of my pups as he is plagued with skin allergies and it is something that at time just gets so awful for him I need to put him on tablets and skin sprays to calm it all down.

But whilst there the local council rangers arrived with a dog that had been given up to them at the local park.

It broke me.

She had had a few litters.

You could see the sadness in her eyes.

In that moment I felt for the owner who maybe just could not afford to feed her anymore.

Maybe she was being kicked out of accommodation and could not find any where that would take a pet.

I don't know.

But it makes me teary.


Especially when the vet nurses were saying that it is all too often right now.

F**k what do you do?

I'm glad that I could pay my vet bill today.

It's because I did a few readings for people this week.


Tarot paid for the care of my dog.

And I am very grateful.

So, for all of those people who say - "You cannot charge for your services" just keep your damn mouths shut.

Don't call yourself spiritual and judge others for trying to keep food on the table and bills paid by offering their skills to people who appreciate it and are happy to pay.


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