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21 Day 'DROP THAT SHIT' Challenge starts June 10th 2022.

Hey, my wicked enchantresses!

I'm going to be doing as free 21 day 'drop that shit' challenge starting 10th June and finishes 30th June in my Patreon 'Rich Witch Club' group.

Everyone does 21 day challenges - it's a standard thing. The three weeks you take to do a challenge is just enough time to awaken your immovable brain into a new way of thinking.

It's called forming a habit - and we are habitual creatures.

But, I have to tell you the truth, 21 days may start your change, but it will not sustain it.

I always go back to be a lazy arse witch.

Fuck it!

I am such a creature of habit - it shits me.

Well, it wouldn't shit me if my habits were good ones!

So I need another 21 day challenge STAT to reset my lazy arse.

Maybe you do too?

If you do join me over on my RICH WITCH CLUB private group here:

The group is just $5 a month and I am on there every day with magickal nuggets that are all about pushing everyone outside their zone of 'lazy arse' to your new zone of 'freaking genius'.

In fact join now - when you make your payment I will be notified and send you an invitation to join.

Get inspired.

Use your magick.

Be shoved out of your comfort zone.

Remind yourself that it is up to YOU and only YOU to achieve the best you can get out of your life.

If this year stated rough for you and you stopped thinking magickally, or you just stopped thinking and went onto automatic, these three weeks aim to set you back on course. We still have 6 months of 2022 to do great things.

See you soon.

Make your own opportunities.

Start your engines Witches!

#bethemagickinyourlife #witchandfabulous #21daychallenge

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