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About Renata

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Renata is an experienced psychic and spiritual medium with 30 years experience, who gives accurate psychic readings using Tarot Cards.

She uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction, and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them.

Please know that if you are after new age 'love and light' you won't really find a lot of that here. The preference is to go directly to the issues and explore how things can be changed for the better.

Renata works by incorporating her life long study of ancestral magickal practices with modern day spiritual ideas and ties it all together with counselling concepts to lead her clients to better future outcomes.

"My approach is that you are the only one that can be in full control of your future. I cannot tell you what to do - I can open your eyes to possibilities you were not previously aware of". 

Remember you are a being that needs mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Renata has a Diploma in Counselling, Spiritual Life Coaching, Meditation, Tapping, Hypnotherapy and Law of Attraction Coaching.

Services Available:

Tarot Card Readings 

Renata has 30 years experience reading the tarot intuitively and is interested in being able to create a positive session where you can feel able to make the changes you need to for a life you want to create for yourself.

Can't make it for a face to face tarot Card reading?

You can always choose an email reading or mobile phone reading instead - they are just as effective.



Spiritual Life Coaching and Mentoring Sessions - whether you want to explore your life path or look into the world of witchcraft or tarot Renata is here for you and will offer a one on one space to explore and advise you on your journey of self discovery.

One of Renata's passionate topics is the Law of Attraction and the recent lockdowns allowed her lots of study time - this has translated into classes and courses that will be available in 2022 and also her RICH WITCH CLUB where you can join and get daily doses of all things manifesting, mindset and magickal workings to help you create a more inspired and fulfilling life.

Head here to join:

Healing Poppets

Renata has been creating bespoke healing poppets for the last 8 months and has sold over 100. Each is a magickal work of love  that is enchanted and created to assist with healing, empowerment, self love.


Some have specific work to do such as protecting their owner, assisting in removal of negative aspects and more.


Check out her poppets or order one specifically for your needs.

Healing Sessions available

One hour healing sessions start with a very quick reading to help Renata tune into your spiritual needs as well as your physical needs and then she will use a blend of different healing modalities depending on your needs -  mostly it will be hands on healing intuitively led by her guides.

These deep sessions are very therapeutic, gentle and leave you feeling nurtured, relaxed and filled with energy.

*You will remain fully dressed and Renata will talk you through the process before starting.

All face to face sessions by appointment at Witch and Willow Warner's Bay

Please contact the shop at or email me directly at

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